Fun & Easy Easter Treats

Holidays are always a blast when you have little hands that want to help! I have found the perfect treat for you to keep those kiddos busy this Easter!

My kids named this the Marshmellow bunny…. original right!? (Lol)

The ingredients are simple and to make them is even easier! Below are my step by step instructions.

What you need:

1 bag of marshmallows I used jumbo but I think normal size would have been better

Pastel m&ms

Larger jelly beans

Chocolate chips

Graham crackers



Prep all ingredients first by breaking graham crackers in half, cut marshmallows in half, cut jelly beans in half (long ways for the ears) and dump out some m&ms and chocolate chips, and break pretzels in half.

Once done lay cut marshmellow on graham Cracker (pictured above), and place in microwave till marshmellow starts to expand. Mine was around 7 seconds.

Take out, and put on eyes (chocolate chips), nose (m&ms), whiskers (broken pretzels), and the ears (jelly beans)

This is so easy for kids to put on and make their own!

Once assembled these easy treats are ready to enjoy!


RESET! Time away is always a good thing!

Well we are back! The past couple weeks have been a wonderful whirlwind.

On March 4th I turned 30, my husband went above and beyond to make my milestone absolutely amazing. 

My husband surprised me with tickets to universal studios for the two of us the day before we left for Mexico. 

We spent the day riding rides, eating yummy food, and acting like children in the world of Harry Potter. It was the perfect gift. 

The next day, the two of us left on a trip to Mexico for six days. We stayed at the lovely Moon Palace resort in Rivera Maya, We were there with Chris’s work (what a job right!?) everything was perfect.

It was stunning, elegant, and everything you could have wished for in a resort. 

We ate, danced, drank, and celebrated all the accomplishments of the company. 

I relaxed in the spa getting pampered, laid by the pool, enjoyed great friends, and reconnected with my husband.

We have been to other countries before and we always swim with dolphins, so when I saw we had that option near by we jumped on it. 

We met the beautiful Scarlet at discovery dolphin, where we danced with her, received kisses, got pushed on the boogie board, and laughed the day away.

Traveling is something we love to do. We’re lucky enough to be able to do this And have many plans to do it again soon. 

Now we’re back on US soil and loving all the cuddles from our kids. We came back with so many souvenirs and so many great memories and new friendships. 

Here are a few more photos from our amazing trip. But now it’s back to reality. 

VALENTINES DAY… wish it was everyday!

{this blog post is sponsored by the beautiful Daniel Wellington and like always all opinions are my own}

Making Valentine’s Day special for my kids is one of my favorite things. 

Each holiday I always find different ways to make it  special, this Valentine’s Day was no different.

We started the day with special donuts from Dunkin’ Donuts and these raspberry filled donuts were AMAZING!

We also decided this year we’d do homemade class Valentine’s, I love being a Hands on mom with these kind of things! I love how they turned out!

When Daniel Wellington sent me this watch, I knew it was the perfect watch to wear to class parties, or dress up for a fun Valentine’s date night. And even though the special day is over you can still order that special someone a beautiful statement piece, use SHANIS15 for 15% off your order! 

I didn’t get a fancy date night with the husband, since was out of town for work, he still sent me an bouquet of chocolate covered strawberries! 

Leighton and I during the day baked yummy cupcakes for her siblings, and she did an awesome job decorating them!

Every year I try to think of something new, but with my work load I have been swamped, so I went to the trusty dollar store and whipped up a little Valentine’s love for my special Valentine’s.

But the true highlight every year is the daddy daughter dance. The girls get dressed up and dance the night away with their dad. They looked gorgeous and had the best time! 

Another Valentine’s Day in the books and another year in love with the amazing people I call family! ❤

Finding the perfect “suit”

Disclosure: thank you RadSwim for sponsoring this post. As always all opinions are my own. 

The hubs and I soon leave on a well deserved vacation to Mexico. We are staying at the beautiful Moon Palace Resort and I can not contain my excitement. 

There will be lots of drinks, friends, time spent laying out by the beach, and a dash of adventure.

With that came my concern on my swimsuit. No matter what, all of us moms have some sort of insecurities. all I knew is I wanted to be comfortable and able to eat a good meal if I choose! 😂

I found a few shops that I instantly fell in love with. They make good quality suits that covered you while still making you feel sexy. Below are a few of my favorites.

Rad swim is my favorite right now. I personally have two of their swimsuits and I can’t even explain how well these suits are made! They are soft and stretchy material and fit true to size! 


Although I haven’t tried their suits on I do love their style! It’s kind of like the rad swim just a few different prints. 

3. H&

I have bought a lot of suits from here when wanting something new these suits are good priced and well made. However with my KimK booty I always go up a size. I bought the one below and can’t wait to get it! 


I love lime ricki because they have fun and bright prints and the price is the best! 20.00 is a steal if you ask me! Always worth trying out! 

Finding the perfect suit doesn’t have to be a hassle, when you find the right store it becomes fun! 

Find that suit moms, and turn some heads at the same time! 

Things I’ve learned about raising girls…

Sitting here I realized I have been a mother for over 10 years. In those 10 years I have raised three girls and one boy. 

Raising girls is so different from a boy. Boys you never have to worry about your hair brush going missing, or your makeup getting destroyed.

I thought I’d add a little humor into a blog post on things I’ve learned raising girls.

1. Once they get older and bigger and closer to your shoe size, you will quickly learn shoes of yours WILL go missing.

2. Stock up on hair ties, once they become the age where they want to do their hair, all your hair ties will go missing and 1/2 will be in her room.

3. If you have a favorite hair brush you better buy two…. if you don’t buy two accept the fact your hair brush will never be in your bathroom.

4. Your clothes will become her clothes. I had a fleece jacket I loved, and now here I am freezing because she wore it to school this morning. (Thanks Kenna)

5. No makeup stands a chance. If it’s play or sneaking it on, eventually that becomes theirs too.

6. The amount of perfume they think they need on could knock you out. I’m still trying to teach her that a little goes along way, until then I feel bad for whoever sits next to her in class. 

7. The attitude you had as a tween is about To bite you in the ass.

8. She will more than likely get nail polish on your table, carpets, floors, and their clothes. Still trying to figure out the best way to clean then up…. sorry

9. To bad I didn’t go to school for cosmetology because the amount of time I spend in the bathroom doing their is equivalent of a full time job. And it has to be PERFECT! 

10. She will become your best friend. This is the most true statement. Right now most of you are rocking your sweet baby, but soon she’ll be 10, laying in bed with you giggling, and sharing ice cream with you. This is something I hope never goes away, they do grow up but don’t be sad because the future is great!

The truth is, raising girls has its hardships but having a a best friend out ways anything they throw your way. 

A blog to moms… it gets easier

Day in and day out, I have so many moms that follow my Instagram and ask “how do you do it” I use to share my tips and tricks with them, but Lately I have realized something…. my kids are 10,9,71/2, and 4 1/2. I find these ages have added a lot of free time to my life. I no longer have a baby needing to be held and fed, I no longer have a one year old spreading food everywhere, I no longer have that two year old that threw out all my pots and pans, or that three year old that changed her clothes, and messed in her diaper. This is now a thing of my past,  and all of this is just a memory.

I often look back and think how much I miss that baby stage, But at the same time I no longer wipe butts, and I no longer have pots and pans everywhere. They now dress themselves, they can grab a cup and get water, and If they want a snack they head to the pantry and get a snack. 

So many moms look at me and wonder “how does she do it” but just like you, I had those tiny kids, I had those messes, and I had those defeated moments too.

At one point white carpet would have terrified me and honestly still does a little. But instead of just sharing everything I do I also add “it gets easier” because it really does. 

There will come a point in your life where you no longer give baths, you no longer have to brush teeth, and your main focus will be shaping them into a wonderful human and if they changed their underwear. Although our duty is never done we will still do a lot for our children our load will lighten a bit and will give you a moment to look back and realized they survived and so did you. So next time you wonder how I do it, look at yourself and realize it you are doing it wonderfully! 

Travel instyle with the Alma Rose Maxine

(This is a sponsored post but all opinions are my own) 

Since we have moved to Florida our family has done a lot of traveling. With four kids it’s sometimes hard to stay organized. 

I struggled to find a bag to keep everything I needed while making it easy to find, and travel with. I then found the Alma Rose Maxine Travel bag (shop it HERE)

This bag has all the perfect pockets to fit what you need! 

The two inserts 

Key chain clip so I don’t loose my keys!

The inside pockets are the perfect shape and sizes to carry, bottles, drinks, tablets, makeup, etc. you name it you can fit it, and have the perfect spot for it so it doesn’t get lost!

I love this bag and give it 5 stars. 

We leave for Cancun in march and I can’t wait to take this bag with me! It will be perfect to fit everything I can’t fit in my checked bag, along with reading material.

I love the color, I love how huge it is, and I love that it’s not just for new moms, but any mom with kids!

Plan a date night with Groupon! 

This is a sponsored post, all opinions are my own!

Moving far away from family came with many obstacles we had to face. One of them being limited date nights for us, and someone to watch the kids that we trusted. Date nights are so important for any relationship but the stress of finding someone you trust can be exhausting. Here’s what we did to find that perfect someone!

Finding a sitter doesn’t have to be hard we used to find our sitter! It was so great to work with. We listed all our credentials and they did the hard work for us. They did background checks and sent us all the portfolios of sitters in our area that were a match! My husband and I interviewed our top picks and found our forever sitter.  What’s great about the site is you can also pay them through Our sitter has become part of our family and I’m so happy we found her. 

Now date nights have become a much more frequent thing and my only concern is finding the perfect dress from they always have my go to dresses or cute tops to dress up any night. 

They have the perfect men’s and women’s clothes and I love shopping there. 

Thanks to finding and a great place to shop, date nights are so less stressful and so much more fun! 

Use Groupon Coupons to plan your next date night! 

Let us as mothers make America great again. 

I woke up this morning and checked my news feed as if it were the morning paper, I still got my kids dressed, made my coffee, and drove them to school.
I listened to the radio as people spoke with such hate in their voice, as my children listened I quickly turned it off. 

I will not let this election define who we are as an American family. Whichever president was elected, would not effect how my children treated other people. Which ever president was elected would not teach my children to lie. Which ever president was elected would not define my family or me as an American. 

 As parents we raise our kids to show them what is right and what is wrong, not the president, not a celebrity, not any public figure. Us parents do, we raise the future.

This election will have an effect on us as a whole I do understand that, but my children will still know values, respect, and what it means to be a good and loving person no matter the color of your skin or where you were born. 

We as mothers raise the future, our children listen to us, our children look up to us as role models; not who the First Lady is or what the president has said. They learn from US! 

So many people are “embarrassed” to be American and I find that sad. I find it sad because I have watched friends receive flags in honor of the husband that lost his life for you to be “embarrassed.”  I have cleaned out memories of families who will never see their loved one, so everyone can be “embarrassed.” I have sat at funerals watching them cry so you can say you wished to live in another country, because you’re embarrassed to be in the country he just died for. 

Why!? Because your embarrassed who our president is? Instead of being embarrassed let’s be unified. A unified country is a strong country and a country to be proud of! This is something our country has lacked lately, yet everyone complains about. 

Our president may not have the same respect and views that we do but what does hate solve? Nothing.  What does complaining solve? Absolutely nothing. 

Let’s show our children unity and teach them right from wrong. They ARE the future.

My children will wake up tomorrow and still get dressed, go to school, and still ride in my car. I will look at them and know I’m shaping them to be the next leaders of America. There is nothing we can do now but move forward and shape the future to be great. We have the power to make the future a better place with the little hearts that live in our homes. Let us, as mothers, make America great again not a politician, not a celebrity, not a public figure. We have the power to make America they way it should be and let’s focus on that.

I challenge you to ask your children “what they would do if they were the president?” and let them know that because they are AMERICAN they get the chance to reach those goals! 

Jord watches, the perfect gift this holiday season

Jord watches recently teamed up with me to show you lovely ladies, our men don’t have to be tough to shop for!

Every year I can never think of a gift for the men in my life, whether it’s my husband, dad, uncle, grandpa, or father in law. Men are plain and simple hard to shop for!

That’s until I found JORD wood watches. They have so many styles to choose from, they are durable, classy, and lightweight. Basically the perfect watch for any personality. 

I love as you open the package it comes in this great wooden box that smells AMAZING! Weird I know, but the smell of fresh wood reminds me of home for some reason. Below you can see the watch we picked for my husband and the wonderful box it came in.

I included the link HERE to shop this watch. 

After my husband received his watch, I now need one and I have been shopping their ladies wood watches. So many different style to choose from I can decide.

Shop along with me and find one that fits your personality HERE you won’t regret it you’ll fall in love with these watches and never want to take it off! 

To shop there men watches I included the link HERE

Also enter in a giveaway for 75.00 gift code to go towards any watch every person who enters receives 20.00 off. Giveaway ends on 11/27. So hurry on over and win yourself a fabulous watch!

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