Dressing your Kids for Less!

I pride myself on being a penny pinching mom, I find a savings account full of money for your child’s college or the wedding of your daughter dreams more important than a closet full of name brand clothes they will grow out of in a few months. I also pride myself on having very well dressed children (four of them to be exact) I shop mostly at Walmart, target, and old navy (their 50% off their already reduced section is AMAZING) I don’t understand the concept, yes I have bought name brand but very seldom. I mean if its your preference, then more power to ya! below I added a picture of my daughters outfit today before she headed out to school this morning. Her whole outfit from the Walmart sales racks and nothing cost me over $4.50!

Shirt: Walmart $1.50 (sales rack)

Sweater: Walmart $3.00 (sales rack)

Skinny Jeans: Walmart $4.50 (last years sales rack)

the shoes are Payless I had cute gold sandals picked out (from walmart as well) but she insisted she has to have some sort of pink on, so we compromised with the pink sandals. Still looking adorable and able to mix and match to make many more cute outfits and none of those other five year olds are going to notice its not name brand!



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