Here goes nothing….


I have people everyday asking “how do you do it with four kids?” Honestly its easy, I work, take care of my kids, make dinner, homework, baths, bedtime…. honestly the list can go on and on. But to me its just easy, I love being creative, I enjoy teaching them new things, and everyday is something different, everyday they come home with things they have made, pictures they create, and new words they learned to read. All these things make up for the poopy diapers, the messy hands, the fighting, and the vomit they manage to get everywhere. In this blog I’ll share how I manage to make my life “easy” if that’s even a word with four children. This will also be a look into my everyday life as I juggle moving, working full time, taking care of four very inspiring children, being a wife, and a homemaker. I hope this blog, inspires, motivates, and give hope to all those moms who feel like that just can’t get it right. (because I promise you, you are doing just fine!)

In this Blog you will find:

Creative ideas

Learning tools

Easy recipes

helpful cleaning tips (TO HELP KEEP UP) 

and many more fun ideas we do in our family!


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