House work… does it ever end? NO!

Laundry, Laundry, Laundry


Four kids and a clean house is more work; than the work I get paid to do, but how do I keep up you ask? I am a very big neat freak, there’s nothing I hate more than a messy or cluttered home. I was lucky enough to come across a Pin on Pinterest and this pin changed my life. I’m going to list it below but summarize it into short sentences to better understand!

1. Wake up early! I use to wake up right when my kids did, I would get ready while they did, just to get 10 more minutes of sleep. Now I wake up 30 minutes before them get myself ready, and then wake them up. This is nice because I only focus on them. We do hair and have small talk, instead of stressing whose in the bathroom because I need to use it! this helps start my morning and their morning off perfect!

2. GO TO BED EARLIER!!! Yes this is hard, i would stay up doing random things or watching shows and next thing i knew it was 12 a.m and I had to be up for work at 5:30 a.m. I started taking a low dose of Melatonin (found cheap in the vitamin section) I would take this right before I laid my kids down and I would be ready for bed by 9:30! this sleep aide is natural and doesn’t leave you feeling groggy. just kind of makes your mind relax. (because mine never stops!)

3. Do one load of laundry a night start to finish! Right at bathtime I grab all the dirty clothes and throw them in the wash, while I bath kids, do hair and read their books, the wash is done! I then throw it in the dryer and right before bedtime the kids help me put it all away! this had made my life so much easier because I HATE putting laundry away, and its not so bad when its only one load!

4. Do your Dishes right before bed. After I lay down the kids before I lay on the couch next to my ever so comfy husband, I do dishes or he will do dishes (yes ladies my man loves to do dishes) a house always feels better with a clean sink!

5. Buzz through your Bathroom! If your kids are anything like mine they LOVE to splash, this is a great time to “buzz” through your bathroom. While they play I wipe down sinks, take out all the dirty clothes, and clean the toilet. This way you kill two bird with one stone! and sometimes I can trick my kids to washing the tub walls right before they get out if I make it into a fun game!

6. Everything has a place! Organize!!! i can not say it enough… my shoes have a place, the book bags have hooks, snack has a basket ect. this way its easy for your kids to be independent, they will know where everything is and where everything goes. no more hearing “MOM WHERE ARE MY SHOES!?” just makes life so SIMPLE!

7. Have a bedtime routine! In my house all I have to say is “5 mins to bedtime” granted half of them have no clue on how to tell time, but as soon as I say it, they run brush their teeth, set out their school clothes, pick out their snack for school, and make sure all toys are out of my living room. then its time for bed and i tuck them in.

8. Sundays we clean rooms! This routine is something I added to the list after bringing it into my home. With my children still being 8,7,5, and 2 they think the dollar store is the best thing there is, soooooooo every Sunday after they clean their room they get to go to the dollar store and pick out a new toy and a candy bar. And if they are really good at helping mommy we go to the movie store and rent movies as well ( note: our movie store has FREE kids movies) Its crazy the things they would do just to go to the dollar store and to get a free movie!

This routine takes time to get use to but once you do I promise you will never go back!!

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