I’ll share my secret recipe (The best Italian beefs EVER!)

This past weekend I made food for my husbands friends, so they can enjoy their Sunday drinking, eating , and enjoying football. I served my famous Italian beef, and got so many compliments that I thought I should share it with all my fellow mommies and wives!
This recipe is so easy and can cook while you are at work or running errands and be ready to serve when the hubby returns from work! He’ll think you slaved away all day over the stove after he taste this! (Maybe he’ll give you that foot rub you deserve!)

The worlds best Italian Beefs!
Rump roast
Whole pepperchinis (mild)
Beef broth
1 tbl spoon of Italian seasoning
And half a can of beer (any kind you have)

In a crock pot add your rump roast, pour in your beef broth, pour in half a can of beer and all the whole pepperchinis (and half of the juice). cut up half the onion and add into your crock pot, add your Italian seasoning and put your crock pot to low heat and add the lid. Let the roast sit on low heat all day. 30 mins before serving time, shred your beef and let sit Serve with rolls, the rest of your onion, and some chopped up pepperchinis.

Such a great and EASY recipe exsp for them busy moms and for the perfect fall day!



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