Date your spouse!

I am a firm believer in dating your spouse. After my husband and I had a date night tonight I decided to write about dating…. Yes dating your husband!

Today I was leaving work and instead of going into our routine of picking the kids up from daycare, cooking dinner, homework and baths; I called my mom. I asked her if she would be willing to watch the kids for an hour, so Christopher and I could do a much needed dinner. My mom understands keeping the spark alive in your relationship is important. My parents marriage is beautiful, the love and support they have for one another is amazing and truly inspiring. So I texted my husband and simply said “come straight home after work, my mom is watching the kids and I’m taking you out to dinner” yes it’s just dinner and yes it only an hour. But it’s that feeling of seeing him smile at you across the table, without a fry getting tossed at you by a two year old.


Not everyone is lucky to have parents willing to take their children last minute, so below I listed some cute little things we have done to keep that cute spark alive in our marriage.

1. Leaving a little note in their car before they leave for work even if it’s just saying you love them, making their day good before they even leave for work means a lot!

2. A surprise movie night! grab their favorite movie, favorite candy, lay blankets on the floor with pillows, wrap up, and enjoy a movie together.

3. Massages We have the KY massage oils, and we take turns doing five minute massages. Light a few candles and ask him if you can rub his back. (Better not have a baby boom after this one!)

4. Game night! pick out your favorite game and play for a prize (like loser has to do dishes) play for something and get competitive and playful!

During these we say no phones, it’s amazing that little things like this can jump start your relationship. Christopher and I laugh like we just met, we cuddle and talk about our days. I absolutely love the feeling of surprising the people I love, this is something that should never stop!



4 thoughts on “Date your spouse!

  1. Olivia King says:

    Hello Shanis I know we don’t actually know each other I just tend to follow people on intagram that have spouses in the military and came across this AMAZING blog. My hhusband I got married Feb of 13 and I had my our son in December I love all of your blog posts but especially the date your spouse I live in Co and it almost seems like there is no time to have just us time ! I really love all of your blog posts I can relate to them in so many ways ! (Hope I don’t sound creepy lol)

    Hopefully you have more posts coming !

    Olivia king 🙂


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