Make Saturday mornings something your kids will remember

Saturday mornings are my favorite day of the week, I love to cook and make fun things for my kids to enjoy, so why not enjoy it with your kids over a cup of coffee (pumpkin spice of course for this fall weather) and with your kids listening to all their stories while enjoying their favorite breakfast.

This morning I made one of my kids favorite breakfast foods. We call them Cinna-waffles! Below I will tell you how I make these, it’s simple, fast, no mess, and the kids love it (and so does my husband) perfect for every mom!

Things you’ll need:
A waffle maker
Non-stick spray
Cinnamon rolls


Heat up your waffle maker and take the cinnamon rolls out of the package. I take my hand and flatten the cinnamon roll before putting into the waffle maker, I can fit three rolls into my waffle maker so I can make three at a time! Close the iron and let cook. These will only take a few minutes so check regularly.


Once done take them out of the waffle maker, add the icing, and I like to add syrup. Then enjoy your breakfast with your kids!


If you try these and like them please comment below! Feel free to leave comments of things you’ve done differently like adding fruit and other toppings, I love hearing how you and your family made these your own!

Hope you enjoy your Saturday!


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