Busy morning, thank god I’m young!

I’m sure all you moms out there with one child, look at me like; how does she do it? Some mornings I wonder the same thing! This morning was the perfect example of “how I do it”

I’m going to give you a complete, and quick run through of my morning then explain how I keep my head together.

Note: my husband is gone with work all week so it’s just me!

So here it goes try to keep up, I woke up, pressed snooze, got up, showered, woke up four not so easy to wake up kids, went down stairs got them breakfast, ran up stairs did my makeup, ran back down stairs and got the kids dressed, changed a diaper, got the baby dressed, ran back up stairs got myself dressed, dried my hair, curled my hair, ran down stairs did the girls hair, ordered them to get on shoes, pack their snacks and grab their lunch boxes out of the fridge, Then they line up at the door and wait for me. While they do that I’m grabbing my lunch, purse, and slipping on shoes. Then out the door we go, head to the first two kids school drop them off, then to the second school drop her off, take the baby to daycare, then head to work to begin my day. Simple right….

Sometimes my mornings feel like an Olympic sport and truthfully I deserve a gold medal. But the night before, I do a lot of little things that actually make that list above a lot easier. Below are a few thing that will hopefully help your mornings as well. even if you have one, two, or a dozen kids every little thing helps!

1. Line outfits the night before so they can grab and get ready all by themselves!

2. Line up shoes

3. Pack lunches the night before so they are easy to grab and hand out.

4. Have breakfast ready and easy to grab to bring to the table to serve.

5. Set out your outfit hair products and shoes.

6. Don’t press the snooze (you’ll just rush)

I know most of these are things every mom does. But just in case, this could help one mom make her crazy morning a little less crazy!

Welcome to my life ladies, I wouldn’t trade it for the world!



9 thoughts on “Busy morning, thank god I’m young!

  1. Katie says:

    Damn, I don’t have an Instagram! I have been thinking of getting one, I’ll let you know if I do. Looking forward to reading more posts from you!! You inspire me lol. I only have 2, and I thought I was super busy!


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