Busy busy exciting life

Well I haven’t written a post in awhile, I’ve been swamped with this move sneaking up on me! Including this I’m still balancing four kids, their school, working full time, packing, house hunting, ect.

Yes I have tried many new recipes that I still need to post including an easy meatloaf, crab Rangoon, cookie and choc cake, bbq bacon potato bites, and many more!

Today I wanted to focus on events happening in our lives right now. (Consider this a brag session)

After Christopher graduated from Loyola university he was offered a job with Raynor garage doors, in their national accounts division. When offered this we were thrilled the pay was great, insurance great, and the was schedule great. After six months of being on the job they came to us with a promotion offer for Christopher to be the regional manager of Florida, North Carolina, South Carolina, and Georgia. We were floored with excitement! With this came a better salary, and of course the great move to Florida. Unfortunately we had to keep this a secret for many months, however we leaked this little by little to family and friends until they gave us the ok to announce it! Now that it has been out of the bag we have began the dreadful packing and relocating process. I’ve learned so many things and pointers I will share as I go!

This past weekend we took a trip to view areas that held potential to become our new home! I learned quickly God has a funny way of making things work out! Our first day down their we took time to ourselves by relaxing and having a nice dinner. Day two began the house hunt in orlando, orlando was great but it was so touch and go. we’d find a great house in a gated community, but two blocks down would be a not so great neighborhood. After a full day of driving and searching I felt a little down and out not feeling 100% about the area. Chris and I laid in bed that night and began to talk about recent dealers he had met with while working the Florida area that told him to look at a town called Palm Bay, so I get on my phone And do some research, find a realtor that had some great homes, Chris and I decided to take the chance and contact them. They responded back instantly and set up a meet time for the very next day!

So the morning comes and I give Chris the address of the first home where the realtor is meeting us, (mind you after research I was set on PALM BAY) as we drive I get on my phone and look at the address it reads Palm coast….. I start to panic, looking at my phone I realize we’re heading to a town I know nothing about two hours north of where I wanted to be! I tell Christopher and he calms me down stating this happened for a reason and to just go with it!

At this point my heart is broken and I feel discouraged. We pull into the town and begin to drive around. I see lots of stores, restaurants, and the schools look amazing! My mood begins to change and I feel like a puppy with its head out the window watching everything go by! As we pull into the community where the house is located I see kids, tons of kids! Playing football in the roads, little girls on their bikes, and a mom jogging with her baby. We pull into the drive way and as soon as I see the house my heart sinks and I instantly get overwhelmed with excitement. The realtor takes us in and shows us around and Chris and I know it’s the one! After viewing the home we go to a local restaurant and sit down and do research. Schools are rated great, crime is low. We speak with our waitress and she says nothing but great things. The home is perfect and to make it better it’s a five minute drive to the beach. I call the realtor and tell her to start up the paperwork were in!

It’s crazy to think we were never suppose to be in that town, no where near it; yet some how God pushed us towards it. There is a reason we were pushed this way and I can’t wait to see what it is! All I know is we are happy and happy in an understatement!



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