Christmas time madness!!!!

An instagram follower asked that I write a blog on how I manage Christmas! What a great idea! (Follow me on Instagram @shaniswalter)


I love holidays. And when I say love, I mean LOVE! But having four children christmas does not come cheap!

In the beginning, (with my first and even my second) I viewed Christmas as how many presents can I fit under this tree to give to my children. Now a days my views have changed, my children still have more than most but I have also taught them about giving. I pride myself on NOT having spoiled brats.

With receiving always comes giving, every Christmas we participate with a local church with Operation Christmas Child. This amazing charity gives to children in need (link is below to participate) every year before we make our Christmas list we look at the list of a child in need and go and fill our shoe boxes with goodies the kids have picked out on their own! I feel like this makes them more grateful than most and helps them realize just how lucky they truly are!

With that being said comes their list. Honestly we don’t make list in this house, every commercial I hear “mom I want that” so their list could last for days. I know my children very well and already know In my head what they will be getting. I start this process early (after their bdays in October) I will start getting their clothes and small toys little by little with each paycheck, but the big items BLACK FRIDAY! I have an app on my phone showing some of the deals this year, example: they will need new bikes (of course all of them) so Walmart has great bikes for only 50.00! Every year they each get one big item and then just normal toys,books, and clothes! So I guess you can’t say I budget because I’m a bargain queen, in previous post I do not go for everything name brand (I don’t have time to keep up with the “jones” I let them keep up with me, and the great savings account I have due to it!) with kids being young they don’t remember the 100’s of toys you got them but more so the traditions you make! Spend what you are comfortable with spending if you have to budget to spend on your children for Christmas maybe you’re spending too much? Start early with traditions and make Christmas memorable. Below are some traditions we started for the holiday season!

1. Day after Thanksgiving we setup our tree and decor! (Not this year with the move! Boo!)

2. Goodie baskets: I love to bake! So very year I make the most amazing baskets with fudge, cookies, and other holiday treats and give them to friends and family. The kids love helping make these!

3. Christmas Eve present: we give each of the kids a present with a new pj set and a book!

4. Feeding the reindeer: glitter and oatmeal and the kids sprinkle it in the snow to feed the reindeer while they wait for santa they think this is amazing!

I know this doesn’t help with budgeting or present buying but with new families I hope it helps start many new traditions. Spoil your children with love, memories, and their special Christmas gifts.

Please look into this amazing charity!Operation Christmas Child


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