Road trip tips to help keep your hair from turning grey!

From Illinois to Florida…. We survived!


Well, the big move came and gone, and we survived! In this blog I’m going to give you tips and tricks I used on four restless children stuck in a car for 19 hours!

I’m sure many of you wondered how the move went? It went GREAT! Kids did amazing, weather was great, and the house was ready with our stuff waiting to be unloaded! Saying goodbye was the hardest, but like I told the kids it’s not goodbye just see ya later!

I knew this wasn’t going to be an easy road; and asking four small children to sit and listen the entire time is near impossible, so I had to make this trip fun and exciting for them! Luckily our car is equipped with a DVD player a four wireless head sets so the sound is mute to us parents (best invention ever) I went and bought four brand new never seen before kids movies and left out some of the kids favorites in our collection. I taped a number 1-8 on them in random order, and when it was movie time they each got to pick a number and that was the movie they were watching! They had no clue what was in the stack so every time was a surprise! They loved this and got excited to watch the movie they picked.

The next surprises were homemade treats people made for us on the road, and again the children had no clue what the treats were some healthy, some salty, and some sweet. I wrote a clever saying on a paper and threw them all in a bag for them to pick what were gonna eat. they also had to guess what it was by the saying after I read it out loud. What is a clever saying you ask? Well for example Christopher’s grandma made them rice crispy treats so the paper read ” you’ll snap, crackle, and pop into Gigi’s heart unless she finds Greyson sneaking one before a holiday meal!” Once guessed the child who drew the paper got to pass out the treat to everyone.

Drinks….. O the dreaded drinks. With drinks comes more stops for potty time, and makes for a longer trip. Well a kids gotta drink and the perfect drink was juice bags! Perfect size so if they chugged it, they wouldn’t pee their pants waiting for the next exit. They are easy to handle, no color so it they spill no stains, and CHEAP! What more can you ask for!?!

The next thing on the list that was a big hit was a cheap notebook from the dollar store and a pen! We called it their travel journal! They could draw and write about things they saw on the way! They enjoyed this so much, I loved hearing them laugh when someone drew something funny! (Yes my son drew the man in subway with his butt crack showing) they all thought this was hilarious so he drew it in the journal which I kept and put away for when they grow up! Turned into a great keepsake!

Next up is the travel bag! Chris’s grandma was nice enough to make them each a travel bag with crayons, coloring books, stickers, ect. I gave it to them right away to start doodling, and to forget they were stuck next to each other for a long long ride! Along with this I made a special bag as well; I went to the dollar store and filled it with stickers, markers, candy, small toys, gum, ect. when they were being very good I’d let them close their eyes and pick a surprise out of the bag!

This trip was awesome and a great experience, it once again showed what a great team Chris and I make (he drove the entire way without one complaint). it’s just another memory to put into heads for funny stories up the road! We are now settled, unpacked and Christmas had come and gone. my mother is here visiting so we’ve been enjoying the weather and each other before our crazy life begins again!

I hope this helps any trips you might be planning in the future!

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