Bringing in the New Year!

2014 was by far the best year anyone could have!

I have amazing kids
Married my best friend
Surrounded myself with true friendships
My husband landed a huge promotion
Found the perfect and most beautiful home
Moved to Florida
And so many more I don’t have time to list!

As for 2015 so many thing in our lives are going to change for both of us and as a family. We will be changing our lives for the better!

To start off with goals is the most important our savings! We both read the Dave Ramsey’s books, our favorite is the total money make over. Our plan is to have zero debt (which we have barely any besides for Chris’s student loans) but thanks to the army have been reduced greatly! With that being said we would like to have 20,000+ in our savings by Christmas to buy our first home! After our home we will begin a savings to go towards college for our children.

Another goal is removing toxic people from our lives. I’m sick of the back stabbing, the two faced, liars. I don’t bad mouth anyone that is a true and caring person. I’m sick of my photos being screen shot or the shit talking that gets back to me. I don’t let it bother me because I know I have more than most. I have a husband who married me bc he wanted too bc we love each other not bc he felt he HAD too. I have very well behaved children, and we make great money. I get people talk shit because of jealously and them trying to keep up with the jones. Well I’m over it! I truly am! No more being nice to people who don’t deserve it. I will begin to speak my mind and not let anyone ever be little me exsp certain people. I feel bad for them but I know their karma is building up and someday their world that they pretend to have will come crumbling down. So simply said peace out haters!

Third goal is to finish my school I have one more year for my bachelors and then will continue on to my master.

Fourth goal is becoming a better teacher! Now that I’m a stay at home mom it’s my job to teach Leighton all she needs to know to be ready for kindergarten, I wanna be more creative more hands on (if that’s possible) and help them learn new and exciting things!

All around I want to better myself, better my children, and better the things we do for others! I can’t wait to see what surprises this year has in store for us 😉 stay tuned bloggers you never know what surprises this family may have!

Hope you all have a safe and happy new year and may 2015 bring you many blessings!


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