I love these four crazy little humans!

Last night my husband and I got to have a little alone mommy and daddy time for NYE. my husband booked us a lake view hotel suite in downtown Orlando. He booked this beautiful and romantic candle lit dinner next to the lake, and we celebrated at a place called Wall Street. Get aways are always great and definitely needed from time to time, but at adult only parties I can’t help but think of them. Do they miss me? Are they having fun? I wonder what they are doing? Even though I know they are with my mother having a great time (probably not missing me an ounce bc I mean come on their with THEIR GRANDMA!) I can’t help but miss them so much!

We are new to the area (Palm coast Florida) and I haven’t made any mommy friends yet (we’ve been here a few weeks two of which my mother has been here). But last night when we made friends I found myself talking about these amazing four kids. I went on and on talking about how loving, caring, smart, and funny they were. Showing pictures of their cuteness as everyone was in shock I had four children (it makes me laugh seeing people’s faces when I say that because I do look like I’m 20) I found myself missing them so much. I wanted to cuddle them and love on them and let them know how much I love them. Luckily I texted my mom and she sent me a picture of them having a blast with a text saying “leave us alone were having fun!”

The thing is…. I find that I do this everywhere!! I’m not saying getting away is bad but to an outsider it’s not what it seems to be. These aren’t the moments we live for anymore, they are the moments that keep us living (and sane)!

I hate going to the grocery store; without at least one or two of them. I enjoy letting them help or having them close pushing the cart. Running errands they gladly hop in the car, and I enjoy hearing them sing in the back seat. They are more than my children but my best friends as well.

I’m sure this is all a parent of motherhood, but I couldn’t sleep tonight and found myself thinking about how more and more I love them as each day passes. They can fight, and bicker but I’d rather that than silence any day. I love this beautiful crazy life and the amazing people I have in it.

Happy new years everyone I hope 2015 brings everyone as much love as 2014 brought to me!


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