Tacos and Toddlers…. is a mothers nightmare!

I love doing taco night at our house especially on those days that were busy, and you need to whip something together quick. As much as I love it, I hate it as well. Every time we have this dinner no matter what I try to do, they get taco meat, cheese, and lettuce is EVERYWHERE!

Tonight my husband of course wanted tacos so I went to the store and picked up everything we needed, but a lightbulb came on in my head while at the store. Instead of normal tacos, so I won’t find myself cleaning up taco meat off the floors all night I decided to try this a different way; and wouldn’t you know it worked and it worked good!

Now this isn’t great for everyone, because the main thing you need is a quesadilla maker. You can find these at target and walmart for around $20.00! (You can do so much with these I suggest everyone go and get one!)


We got one for Christmas two years ago from my sister, and never used it till recently when my mom visited! So this idea was still fresh in my mind! What I did was make my ground beef like normal (chicken and steak would work as well) heat up the quesadilla maker, on one side of the tortilla shell I added: refried beans, cheese, and my meat. I laid another tortilla shell down and closed the quesadilla maker. I cooked till the shell was golden brown pulled it out. I set aside and cut it on the creases formed by the quesadilla maker. This made smaller pizza like shaped with all of the insides sealed tight and easy for little hands to eat! I added their tomatoes, sour cream, and other fixings on the side of their plate to build each bite just how they like it!


When clean up time came, not one thing of taco meat fell to the floor! So I’m giving this easy trick two thumbs up and my kids loved it just as much as I did!

Taco night may happen more often in the Walter home!

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