I’m THAT mom!

Last night I was scrolling through my blog feed reading different blogs for ideas of what I wanted to write about.

I came across a blog bashing mothers who parent differently. These women went on and on just ripping this poor mother to shreds because she made organic pancakes, didn’t let her child watch TV, and other numerous things that they found to be “stupid”. It took me everything to not comment. I kept my mouth shut and began to think, so now here I am blogging about it!

I realized how many mothers do this. About three to four years ago I fell victim to this, mothers who didn’t know me sat and bashed me. They assumed because I had four children I was on food stamps (which I wasn’t) they assumed I had state insurance (which my kids didn’t… thank you to the military), and because I was divorced. they assumed having this many children I COULD NOT possibly be as good of a mom as them. Most of them not knowing me, formed a little click to bash me and spread awful not true rumors about me. Honestly this didn’t bother me at all, I realized I do it better than them with three more kids and they hated that!

So what if we’re that mom that makes homemade dinners for our families.

has a very clean house (don’t get me wrong I have my messy days where I say I’ll do it tomorrow)

that monitors the amount of sugar they eat.

a full time working mom or a stay at home mom

Everything we do is Pinterest inspired

We post 1,001 photos of our kids daily

And if we read to our kids every night

But the one thing I think you’ll hate the most about us is this… Although We are all these things above (and more) We are not the mom that judges you for not being just like us!

So what if some of us moms do all these things? We do them because it makes us feel good! So why do these moms care?

The things all of us moms have in common, that is way too often overlooked….

We all love our children very much!

We all protect our children, no matter what the cost!

We do our best everyday!

Although our best may not look the same, it is still our best!

Next time you sit around and bash a mother for trying to do her best, just remember she may not agree with your best but she not the one wasting her time worrying about it. She’s sitting at the table playing with her greatest accomplishment not wasting a second of her time. We all make mistakes but we all need each other to encourage each other that were doing just fine!



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