It’s the little things

One thing I love about being a mom, is showing my kids how absolutely special they are to me!

I know eventually they will grow older and will ask me to stop these things, but for now they love it and hopefully will always remember these cute sometimes embarrassing things I did for them!

One thing they always look forward to is my lunch box notes! I leave them little messages in different spots for them to find at their lunch. Tonight I left their message on their sand which bags, sometimes I’ll write it on their juice bags, on the Handel of their throw away spoons, or on the bottom of their pudding packs! For some reason they think this is hilarious! I’m waiting for the day they ask me to stop…. And will I? Probably not!


There are other things I do to make their day, but this is by far one of their favorites! I absolutely love these moments, and maybe one day they’ll do the same for their kids.


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