Doing more of what you love!

Chris and I have had so many discussions of what makes us truly happy lately about things we just wanna get out their and do!

One thing we both agree on is more date nights. Now that we no longer have my parents and siblings as go to babysitters, we had no idea what we were gonna do for date nights. We decided to sign up for and start interviewing. We had so many great offers and selected four girls, the girl we picked as our main go to girl had great references (the moms spoke so highly of her), she’s an honor student, tutors children, varsity cheerleader, and on student consul. My oldest mackenna just thought she was the best thing ever! So now we have four go to high school girls when we want some us time. was great! They do background checks, and other people that have used the babysitter/nanny can leave a review! It’s always good to read what other moms thought of them before you hire.

Another thing was hobbies! We need hobbies if they are together or apart we need a hobby. Chris loves poker and is quite good at it, he has found a small poker group that meets on Sunday afternoons and plays for cash. Next week will be his first week so hopefully all goes well! As for me I decided to start making inappropriate greeting cards, if you know me I have a mouth of a sailor, and a weird sense of humor. So why not put this to use on greeting cards! Before the move I had a set schedule; wake up, work, kids, dinner, bath, bed, and repeat. I was non stop and no time for me, I have been blessed and now get to enjoy time with my kids and be a stay at home mom and finally have time for myself. So why not do something I like! I have started with some fun designs and will soon start my own etsy shop, But for now you can follow my business Instagram @swcards I will post updates and you can order through your PayPal on here until I get my shop up and running!


I’m actually having a great time making these, and find myself nonstop laughing, along with putting a little extra money in my pocket! I have other plans for my etsy shop as well, but I’m doing baby steps!

With this being said, every parent, every adult, every couple, needs a hobby and needs something that makes them happy. Do something you love and wake up with a smile on your face! If I can inspire someone my job is done!


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