Has it really!?

I’m laying in bed thinking to myself “shit I havent put my calendar together for the month of May” if you know me I am super mom, I juggle it all and still some how managed to stay sane through it all. BUT if you really know me you also know that I’m a space case and forget EVERYTHING! as I’m sitting here at 1am organizing my life on a dry erase calendar I come across may 24th. Almost One year ago I married my best friend. And I don’t put that lightly I really married my best friend, the person that has made me whole. One year isn’t long, I know! But it’s a start it’s a tiny start on our forever! 

I’m happy, my kids are happy, our family is happy. Everything is fricken awesome! What’s even more awesome is I didn’t buy his gift last minute because I forgot. I am prepared this year and very excited! We are following an anniversary tradition that puts more effort than just buying a gift following this really helped put some thought into what we get. 

Above is what we are following under the traditional section, so year one is paper with our gifts we are incorporating paper. So for Christopher I bought him a personalized business card holder (that holds paper) and tickets to the preseason NFL GAME (50 yard line in the 2nd row baby!) bc those too are in paper form. I’m sure Chris will not get as creative as I will (I’m a pieces) I’m naturally creative. So this idea has me pumped I have been brainstorming for all of the upcoming years we will have together. I love this man and I’m lucky to call him mine! 



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