It’s called a tradition! 

Our anniversary has come and gone, and with that being said it was amazing! We got to spend the weekend before (may16th) celebrating our love together at a romantic steak house in Daytona and finishing it with many laughs at a great comedy club. Chris loved his gift and was very surprise and excited for his NFL tickets! But of course Christopher surprised me so much more than I expected! And bought me a brand new 2 ct wedding set! It brought me to tears and he once again pulled off the best surprise. 

The weekend of our anniversary we were lucky enough to spend it watching, and being a part of my best friends wedding; dancing and celebrating love with amazing friends and of course our children. 

As most of you know a ring is not paper like we discussed for our tradition, but Chris didn’t fail this, he wrote me the longest most heart felt letter about how much his love for me has grown over the year. This letter meant more to me than any diamond or gift ever could! It was the perfect anniversary and  I couldn’t have asked for anything better! He did an wonderful job and deserved a pat on the back. 

Ladies I really got lucky with this one! 

we have started a new tradition as well. Every year we are going to take pictures on our anniversary and store them in a scrapbook, to one day pass down to our children,and grand children. Along with these pictures will be a letter listing all the big events and dates that happened that year! Memories we’ll never want to forget! Below I have a few of my favorite pictures from our shoot on Beverly beach FL. They turned out perfect! 

As for now, that is all. Stay tuned and I will be updating you with amazing new recipes and crafts for summer time! 


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