Getting crafty

As my first summer as a “stay at home mom” (kind of bc with my business I’ve been non stop filling orders!) but since I’m at home with my kids I’ve decided to always have something new for them and to keep the learning and reading! 

When school was coming to an end I stocked up on lots of fun supplies for craft ideas thanks to Pinterest! Many of these supplies can be found at the dollar store and michaels, two of my favorite places! 

The craft we are working with today is making sun catchers. below are the supplies you’ll need and where you can find them! 

1. Large bag of clear plastic beads (I got the multi colored bag) this can be found at michaels for 6.99 (this bag made a lot of sun catchers! ) 

2. String (I used ribbon I had at home) 

3. Suction cup hangers for you window (I found mine at target) 

4. Any size metal cake or pie pans 

This project is so easy! Simply let your artist put the beads how he or she wants in the bottom of the pan (you do not need to line your pan with anything!) I promise! 


Preheat your oven to 400 degrees, once pre heated insert pie pan. Be fore you insert your pan I took my finger and made a small circle for a string to be put in (the beads will melt but will not expand much) if you forget this the original directions say to use a drill to make a hole but I don’t trust myself with power tools so this was a lot easier!

Set your timer for 20 minutes 

Once 20 minutes are up let your pan and beads cool.

When cooled flip your sun catcher out of the pan (it pops right out!) and insert a string, tie, and hang!!!! 



Hope your children enjoy this as much as mine did! I will definitely be doing this again!  


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