Parenting simply 

there is one thing I have learned over the nine years of being a mother is that your children don’t NEED everything. They don’t need the name brand clothes, big birthday parties, thousands of dollars worth of presents on Christmas. But they do need memories made with their parents. Eventually those presents go in the trash, or they outgrow them. 

Below is something I found on Pinterest that really inspired me to simplify my life. 

I think this is something every parent should practice. Along with this I am simplifying my life. I started with social media, granted four years ago I got rid of Facebook and now I only have an Instagram, but as most of you know I started over with that (which btw thank you to everyone for being so patient with me!) Less photos and less followers. It actually feels great! 

My next step were the kids toys and books. We made three piles, we had a throw away box, a donate box, and a keep box. We went through their toys until their keep toys could fit into one box. This made their closets and cleaning so less stressful to them! 

I still have two more things to uncluttered in my house. The laundry room. This technically isn’t cluttered but to me it isn’t finished. I feel when you have a beautiful laundry room you enjoy being in their more. So my project is decorating my laundry room. And the big one…..MY CLOSET, my closet is a “hot mess” I have clothes that I for some reason hold on to and never wear. I have bridesmaid dresses galore, scarfs coming out of my ears that I never wear now that I’m in Florida, shoes ontop of shoes, and last I counted 55 pairs of jeans (I literally wear three) and don’t get me started on my purses. this is all going to get donated and out of my house. if I store it I know it will end up back in the closet! 

These are a few examples of me simplifying our life. I plan to take on a project every month! No worries I’ll keep you all up to date! 

As for the children I have made a list that my husband completely agrees with and supports. Birthday presents will be made smaller, but the celebrating will be made greater, Christmas will have sections of stuff they want, stuff they need, and stuff they can share. Instead of more toys I would rather be spending money on making memories. Like trips to Disney,  Lego land, swimming with dolphins, traveling and letting them experience things being taken away from them by buying presents! 

I have been blessed with very grateful children, so I know this won’t affect them, I just know when they are older they will love to look back and talk about their memories made traveling with their family! 

I hope this inspires families and if it does let me know what you changed! 


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