Fun and easy Father’s Day gift! 

I have been searching and searching for a fun craft for the kids to make Chris. I’m kind of over all the handprints, footprints, and other thing they tend to make every year (although they are very cute!). While searching Pinterest I found the cutest picture of kids laying downspelling out the word DAD. I decided to give it a try. 

Here is the example I found on Pinterest. 

So I decided to do this and it was easier than I thought! I showed my oldest ones the picture we were going to be doing, this way they kind of understood the idea and the way they needed to lay. I had the oldest and the tallest be the straight end of the D and the next two be the curve. To involve the fourth whose the three year old I had her lay across for the A. 

A helpful tip I did, while you have the three laying there for the picture take a few so you can use it as the last D as well instead of fighting to get them to lay down again! 

Once the pictures are done you can get them printed off. I did mine on my phone so I used an online upload called shutterfly and the pictures will be delivered to my door. Since Father’s Day is so close you can send them to or Walgreens and pic them up in an hour or less. And while you are there you can pick up a frame to put all three photos in! Below are my pictures. I’m still waiting for mine in the mail so I don’t have the finished product just yet! 

I know not everyone has three or four kids so below are some other picture ideas I found that are just as cute! Hope you all enjoy! 



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