Project number one…. COMPLETED 

Well I finished my first and probably the least fun project ever! My closet….

My closet was awful clothes everywhere, things not organized, shoes in a pile, purses thrown on the top shelves, clothes folded on the floor that I didn’t have enough hangers for, and nothing was easy to find! 

I first decided that a lot of stuff had to go, no more holding onto useless things I never wore. So I grabbed trash bags, turned on a great pandora station and shut my door. 

I started with my top shelves up there I have folded gym clothes, jeans, tshirts, and purses along with three baskets one for bras, one for undies, and one for tanks. I took them all down and put in a pile. I folded what I wanted to keep and threw the rest in a garbage bag to be donated. The purses I took the biggest ones and put all my clutches into them and got rid of the ones I no longer carried. I was down to three small piles for my top shelf and the baskets that were reorganized! 

Next were my Hang up clothes I went through and pulled out what I no longer wanted and that too went into a bag to be donated. Then I went through a second time. I cleared out half of my walk in closet!!!!! I took the hangers and set them to the side. Also with this I organized a few things hanging up, my dresses went towards the wall and all the shirts came after those.that little change made it look so much nicer! 

Then I moved to the clothes on the floor folded because I had zero hangers. I finally hung these or donated! It was actually starting to look like a closet.

The hardest part of all….. Shoes! I just had to do it! So I went through I put all my beautiful boot in the duffle bag and stashed them away, all sandals and flats went in a basket and my heels nicely got lined up! 

I stepped back and my closet looked amazing! I gave myself a nice pat on the back and snapped a picture to share with you all! 

 **please do not judge my before and after!** 


I suggest this to every woman out there! If you are like me as soon as you decide to not wear something you throw it off and it ends up on the floor! I’m making it a mission once a week to make sure it’s all nice and neat in here! I love coming into my closet now! It’s a breath of fresh air! 

My husband says I’m not allowed to fill it back up, we’ll see how long that last!! Target has been on point with their clothes and a few minutes from my home. So that’s never good! But hey! I have plenty of hangers to hang them up with! 😉


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