Getting crafty! 

Well my garden snakes were a huge hit with the kids and my Instagram followers, so I thought I’d share the very easy how to on here! 

You don’t really need much for this! 

Crayola molding clay (at Michael’s don’t forget on you phone at there is always a 40 or 50% off coupon you can use!)

Small bottles of acrylic paint 


Garbage bag and paper plates (optional just made cleanup nice and easy!)

The first step is molding your snakes, I rolled a  large ball together and let the kids use the table to roll them out to be skinny and long. Once that is done I pinched towards the top to make the neck and shaped the head. These take over 24 hours to dry so I set them aside. We made our snakes different ways we had them laying flat, with their head up, and some curled up!  


Once dry, it’s time to paint! I laid a garbage bag down to keep from the paint getting everywhere. (I planned on doing this outside but it was 100 degrees and knew that wouldn’t last long.) as for the paint I put it on paper plates and used qtips for the brushes this made cleanup simple and easy! I let them decorate however they wanted. We had stripes, polka dots, and crazy colored snakes by the end of this! They looked awesome! 

Helpful tip: if this gets in your three year olds hair it comes out fairly easy! 


Once the paint dries we placed our snakes in our rock garden and they looked fantastic! 

Hoping you all try this with your kids and they enjoyed it as much as mine did! 



Don’t forget to follow me on Instagram for many updates and fun ideas I’m always doing with my kids! @shaniswalter 


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