25 things about the only and only….ME!

A friend of mine, and a fellow blogger did a blog on 23 things about her (follow her she is great! Maryssa Albert) and this inspired me to write about myself. I have many new followers and some of you have no clue who I really am. So here is a little info about me, myself, and I! 

1. I have four children. two of them are not even a year apart. 8,7,6 and 3….. Some people think I’m crazy but honestly this had made parenting a breeze. 

2. I was married to my best friend on 5/24/2014 

3. I’m a crazy do it yourselfer (not sure if that’s a word) 

4. I can’t see.. like I’m seriously blind. Exsp at night 

5. I have lived in many places including Illinois (born and raised), Montana, Arizona, Texas, and now Florida 

6. I started a small business buy selling inappropriate greeting cards, and invitations… it has become a full time job. Go check it out Swcards

7. But I am also a stay at home mom

8. I am left handed, have blue eyes, and a Pisces. (So I like to think that means I’m smart, creative, and an all around bad a**)

9. My nine year old can share shoes with me. ( I Haven’t decided if she should be in a circus yet or not.) 

10. I have a crazy fear of sharks, butI’m learning to surf in the near future.

11. My house is only down the road from the beach.

12. I have two sisters Mckenzie is 21 and my youngest sister Zoe is only 11! 

13. I hate school but I love to read

14. I have anxiety that someone will kidnap my children. 

15. I cuss like a sailor (it’s awful) I’m learning to contain it but I think everyone has loss hope for me. 

16. When I think someone or something is really cute I get this urge to squeeze it as hard as I can! My children have learned that this is a good thing and have learned to not fight it.

17. I like to bite my husbands nipples only bc I know this makes him crazy uncomfortable 

18. My favorite animal is an otter

19. I am borderline OCD if you were to walk in my house you would never think I have children. Even my children are well organized and clean their rooms like pros. 

20. I am a military wife my husband is an officer in the army national guard. I am crazy proud of him. 

21. I love my in laws…. Most people absolutely hate theirs but I love mine! 

22. I love to cook and bake. You can put a few ingredients in front of me and I can make it into something amazing. My husband blames this for his weight gain since we have been together. 

23. Also when I’m stressed I bake…. I bake anything and everything. My counters will be lined with cakes, cupcakes, pies, anything I can get my hands on. My husband also blames this for his weight gain lol

24. My three year old will never potty trained I have accepted this and that she will more than likely be in diapers when she is 15.

25. I am compassionate, caring, I love fully, I am truthful, and sometimes I care too much. 

Hope you all enjoy this don’t forget to tag me in your blog I love learning new things about everyone! 


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