25 things I say everyday….

thought I would share a “25 things I say daily” blog for a good laugh! Enjoy!

1. No. (No is a word I use daily “no you can’t have candy for breakfast, no you can not football tackle your sisters.” ) 

2. Just a minute. ( I feel like your children have a sensor to ask you every question they can think of as soon as your phone rings.) 

3. Go ask dad. (This statement is my get out of free jail card… I use this when I don’t want to be the bad guy and say no. So I say this bc I know Chris will say no and they won’t be mad at me lol) sorry babe 

4. Where are your shoes? ( 9 out of 10 times at least someone in my house will not have their shoes on, or can not find their other shoe. No matter how organized I am shoes end up under their beds, in toy boxes, and under the couch. I would like to see a statistic how how many years I’ve wasted searching for someone’s shoe.) 

5. Give me back my phone. ( my three year old has texted more emojis to random people than I can count. Sorry bout that friends!) 

6. Did you flush? (I think my kids secretly have a competition of who can not flush their turds to get the best reaction out of me. So gross.) 

7. Did you wash your hands? (Let’s be honest even if they said they did, they more than likely didn’t.) 

8. Maybe later. ( every mother says this and we all know it’s not gonna happen. Let’s be honest)

9. Just eat it. (Or starve…. But eating it is much more dramatic than starving so they eat it.) 

10. I have no idea what you just said. (My three year talks very well but sometimes an alien takes over her body and she speaks a completely different language. Most the time I answer with the next word) 

11. Ok (sometimes I honestly don’t listen exsp when it comes to tattling so I just answer with ok. They can’t complain about the word ok… “Mom shea is looking at me funny” “ok”….. They just look at me like “ummmmm wth am I suppose to do with an ok!?”) 

12. Get your finger out of there ( mostly out of their noses, but this also includes anything that could lead to an er visit and brownies.) 

13. Get that out of your mouth ( this is mainly bc the finger that was just up their nose is now heading to their mouth, this also goes for anything that could lead to an er visit) 

14. Shhhhhh (four kids….. If I didn’t say shhh my house would be a mad house and shhhhhh is ALOT better than shut the **** up so I choose to use a nice version and just say shhhh. plus my three year old is copying everything I say and starting preschool soon so I really don’t want the call from the school after she tells a classmate to stfu lol)

15. Are you kidding me? ( this is after I watch normally my son doing something that just makes you wonder why he just did that.) 

16. Do you want me to take it to crazy town? ( this is the phrase I use and whatever my kids are doing they instantly stop….. I think it’s the fear of the unknown of just how crazy I could be. But hey it works!) 

17. Does anyone have to go to the bathroom? ( bc leave it to one of them to have to pee and then I have to brave the disgusting public bathroom and freak whenever they touch something. Public bathrooms are a nightmare) 

18. Get down from there ( once again this is normally my son, bc well he’s a normal boy and has zero fear. And when you jump off something high it instantly turns him in to a bad ass crime fighting super hero. But so far no broken bones.) 

19. Are you even listening to me? (Because they aren’t) 


20. Don’t make me count to three. (Bc it’s fun watching them run like crazy with you say 2 1/2 bc every mom does) 

21. Nothing (this normally comes after they ask “what are you eating” “nothing” and in my head I think “this brownie taste amazing and I don’t want to share with any of you.”)

22. What are you doing in there? ( when it’s quiet this is always the first question I ask. Then if I hear them frantically cleaning something up I know they were up to no good.) 

23. Fine…. One more. (This mainly goes for dessert because if they eat it I won’t at 9pm) 

24. Are you tattling? ( by 10am I’ve already have had a dozen of these and throw in the flag.) 

25. I love you. ( because you can never say this enough. They may drive us nuts or some days question our sanity but without them life wouldn’t be complete) 



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