Lemonade stand season 

although we live in Florida and all year is lemonade stand season, pretty much everywhere now is in full blown summer. With summers that means garage sales, people out jogging, walking, biking ect. So a perfect lemonade stand time. Our home is farther back and zero to a few cars come down our street, so when our neighbors were having a garage sale the kids instantly wanted to do a lemonade stand. Why not right!?! 

I took them to the store the night before and  they picked out there sign, lemonade, and cups. 

The next morning they woke up and instantly started getting things ready. Within a few minutes they had there stand up and ready to make a dollar. My husband and I gave the kids change just incase someone needed change back. They endedup selling there lemonade for .50 a cup. 

Here are a few things I learned with kids and lemonade stands. (Note I sat in the air conditioned house and watched from the front window)

1. They are smarter than you think. Mackenna my oldest is my money hungry child. She realized the money they made was going to be split three ways so even tho the sign said 50 cents shed walk the lemonade to them and say politely “that will be a dollar” what person is going to argue over .50 to a small child. No one in my neighborhood that’s for sure. So they doubled their profit. 

2. They are stingy with lemonade. After watching them con 1.00 out of people I noticed their glasses weren’t even filling the glasses up half way. So I had to go out there and correct it. They then told me ” I was cutting into their profit” 

3. They don’t trust us with their money. After seeing a lot of cars drive by We went out to check on them. I asked if I could take some of the dollars into the house to be safe. Well the world ended and they thought I was going to STEAL their money! Wth! 

4. They give up easy. After they got a few 5.00 bills they thought they were millionaires and wanted to quit. 

5. They are hustlers. When people drove up and asked to fill their McDonald’s cup with lemonade mackenna told them it would cost them 3.00. After the lady agreed and drove off mackenna turned around and said “that lady’s and gentlemen is how you make money!” 

5. They instantly had to spend their money. As soon as they made their profit (55.00 for only a couple hours being out there) we split it three ways and gave the baby a dollar (she gave up five mins into it) the kids were so excited and wanted to go to the dollar store to spend it and the did just that. 

The kids loved doing this and I’m sure will have plenty more this fall! But next time I think I’m going to actually make them a real stand. Stay tuned for that! 


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