Teaching our sons 

I have four children, three girls one boy. One thing I believe in, is teaching my son how to do things other than the normal “manly” things his dad enjoys teaching him. 

The other night I had him stay in the kitchen with me and taught him how to cook. He loved it! He loved learning and helping me. After doing this I thought to myself “why haven’t I taught him this yet!?” My girls can bake or cook anyone under the table. So I decided to make a list of things I want him to learn and know how to do. One day his future wife will thank me. 

1. How to cook not just basic meals but meals that a woman will one day be impressed with. The other night I taught him to make Parmesan crusted chicken ontop of bow tie pasta with a homemade Alfredo sauce. He was so proud of himself he asked me to take a picture and send it to grandma! So of course I did! Even though I managed the stove we still told everyone that grey cooked the meal. His face lit up when everyone said how good it was! 

2. The basics of laundry! I want him to know why we separate, when we use hot and cold water, fabric softener, and what to dry and what not to dry. My husband lacks in this department so I refuse to let my son. Lol 

3. Using a sewing machine. I love my sewing machine it has saved my butt so many times. Learning to sew a hole could come in handy someday! Along with this I will teach him how to thread the needle, and thread the bobin. What’s the point of learning the basics of a sewing machine if you can’t set it up. I never knew how to do this until recently when I taught myself on YouTube. Now I’m a pro! 

4. How to make a bed properly. I always make the bed a certain way, my husband on the other hand not so much. Granted he tries but I’m a little ocd. So I want to teach grey how to make a bed look nice. 

These are only four little things, but learning these things and how to do them in different ways is something every man or woman should know. Along with knowing how to build things, fix things, and what football team to cheer for. I feel like he should also know how to cook, organize, and do some laundry. that makes him sound like a slave, but That’s not what I’m trying to do her. I’m giving him some mom time he normally doesn’t get during these chores, and teaching him valuable life traits and tricks I had to learn on my own. 

I look forward to teaching him these things and watching him grow from it. He’s such an amazing little boy these things will just add to him greatness! 


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