Things I have learned by being a bridesmaid. 

Well I am getting to that age where all my friends are getting married, and I love it! Along with this comes the duties of being a maid of honor or bridesmaid. The past year I have had the pleasure of standing next to some of the best friends a girl could ask for, as I watched them marry the man of their dreams (it’s the least I could do since they did the same for me) 

This past May I was a bridesmaid for one of my longest and dearest friends. Our friendship began back in our high school days when I thought she was trying to steal my boyfriend. We weirdly became the best of friends and our mothers worst nightmares. The stories I could tell you. Lol but I won’t because even though I am 28 I’m scared our mothers will read this. 

Emily and I would sit up late at night, talk about when we would get married, how our children would be just like us, and our husband would become friends. Not for very many people things like this come true. But for us it did. 

Stroll down memory lane.

Senior year homecoming 04-05  
Senior homecoming (I was homecoming queen)  

Watching the boys play baseball (something Emily did very well 😉)   

Even with many states in between us nothing from our friendship ever left. When I felt like my world was falling apart Emily was a phone call away to cheer me up. She supported me and encouraged me. And still to this day does it with just as much love as she did when our friendship began 13 years ago. 

About Two years ago I remember getting the phone call when she got engaged and asking me to be apart of her day. (No she wasn’t in my wedding party only due to life’s craziness she was there in spirit and that’s all that matters) of course I said yes and let her know whatever it took I would be there. Emily and I practically share the same anniversary date  (one day apart). Her and Roy eloped and held the ceremony exactly one year later. Here is the story of her wedding and what I learned being in it.

1.After not seeing each other for years we pick up as if we were still in high school. Laughing and giggling all night. When I saw the picture below I like to think this is Roy’s face after being with us for more than 24 hours.  
2. Getting ready on a wedding day is SOOOO much easier when you’re not the bride!    


3. I’m not as good in heels as I thought I was…. Exsp after a few glasses of wine. One thing I did learn about walking in heels in soft grass, is to walk on your tip toes so you don’t sink. And when you have to stand for a long time, sink your heels into the dirt and it’s like you’re wearing flats! Winning!    

4. I’m a baby. I cried, I’ll admit it. I cried like a baby. When you watch someone you love so much get married, it’s such an amazing feeling. Seeing my husband sitting there with our four beautiful children, and Emily’s parents who are my second family makes you feel all lovey and mushy! So you guessed it I cried. Luckily I didn’t see any photos of my ugly cry! I also learned that I should never trust Christopher to do the girls hair. Note Shea’s awesome pony tail… But hey I give him credit!   


5. I’m jumpy. Even when they warn you about  the cannon being fired at their kiss, I still jumped and covered my head. I blame that on visiting and living near Chicago growing up.   

 6. I’m the luckiest person when it comes to friends. Emily and Roy’s wedding took place the day before mine and Chris’s one year anniversary. Emily being Emily felt awful for some reason, But honestly what better way to celebrate your marriage, by watching two people do the same! Hearing vows again reminds you of that promise you made a year ago. Emily surprised me with having Chris and I called out to the dance floor and had our wedding song (Jason Maraz I won’t give up) played. She’s always so thoughtful and I love her for this. 


7. I should not be allowed to be in the same building as an open bar. Thank god my husband had Tylenol and lots of water waiting for me in the hotel room or the 7 hour drive home would have been rough.  

8. I picked the perfect god mother for Shealyn. Watching her dance with Emily I realized shea 1. is a mini shanis and Emily combined and two Shea has our sick dance moves!    

9. Last but not least after 13 years Emily and I will always be the last ones off the dance floor. Glad to see this didn’t change. How I was dancing still has me wondering. I also learned that my husband has embraced the fact that I’m wild and a good time. Even though I can be pretty embarrassing he loves me just the same.

Everything about her wedding was perfect. I’m looking forward to all the weddings coming up where I get to stand next to the people I love and celebrate! Cheers to getting old! 

 I had to share the last picture because it’s my favorite and I may get it framed. 


One thought on “Things I have learned by being a bridesmaid. 

  1. emmyann10 says:

    Girl you have me bawling. I love you so so much ! I love the crazy times we had (and still have) , how our friendship remains strong even after years and distance, and how I get to be a part of your children’s lives and watching them grow. I am so proud of the amazing wife and mother you are and can only hope to be like you to my own children one day. You will always be my best friend and I love you dearly! Xoxo


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