Keeping up with a clean house, and a busy life!

i have been asked so many times on how I keep my house so clean and organized. It takes dedication I will say that, but don’t get me wrong I have my days where I lay on the couch and say forget it! But on those days I don’t, I follow a routine that has kept my house from looking like a mad house! 

Before moving to Florida, I was a full time working mom of four kids. I kept up with cleaning but had zero time to think about a routine, when this should have been the time I actually had a routine. 

Moving to Florida I became a stay at home mom along with my business. Being a stay at home mom I have came up with a great plan of attack for my everyday chores. 

My house is pretty large we have 3200 sq ft, 5 bedrooms, 3full bathrooms, a kitchen, a laundry room, an office, a dinning room, and two livingrooms. Ontop all of that, it’s an open floor plan. Meaning when you walk in you see everything, but the bedrooms. 

Cleaning with kids. Cleaning with kids can be a nightmare, but when you have your kids help you, it can actually go a lot faster. The secret of having kids clean is having a place for everything. Shoes have a shoe holder, book bags have hooks, books have shelves, and toys have toy boxes. When they pick something up they know exactly where it goes, and this makes it easier for them. 

As for me, I have a few things I do. Everyday the dishwasher gets loaded, every night I do a load of laundry, every Thursday I put away laundry. One rule I do have unless it’s a huge mess on the weekends I don’t clean. I enjoy my kids and Chris being home and let it wait till Monday. 

 A couple other rules I live by: 

1. Clean the rooms your kids are less likely to play in first! Because they will stay clean! Let the kids know those rooms are off limits. For some reason my kids love playing the room that just got mopped!

2. Finish one room at a time. From start to finish! Pick up, sweep, vacuum. Whatever it is you do do it all! 

3. Make a flow of cleaning. I clean the same way every time! I start in the front livingroom and office, I then do our room and bathroom (rooms the kids never touch) then I go to the kitchen, then dinning room, then to the livingroom. The last section is the other half of the house the kids are always at. I will not clean rooms, it’s their toys they clean it. Normally during the school year once a weekend the kids clean their rooms, my kids are borderline ocd and clean amazing, very few times I have to tell them twice. This makes my life sooooooooo much easier. I go in organize what they missed, because they are kids and they are not perfect and nor should they be! After I run the vacuum and done! Last but not least I clean the glass, I have French doors for our office and large sliding glass doors that get finger prints everywhere! 

4. My shark is my best friend! Find tools that make your life easier. My house is all tile and hardwood floors (besides for the bedrooms) so my shark has made my life so much easier! Mopping is a breeze, germs are killed, and dries fast for no accidents. 

5. If your kids are old enough give them chores! Newsflash parents it won’t kill them! My kids all have chores based on their age. Mackenna my almost nine year old put away the clean dishes in the dishwasher, Greyson my almost 8 year old is in charge of all the trash cans in the bathrooms, and Shea my 6year old is on dustpan duty. They all have things they help with, like laundry they hang up their clothes and put away, they pick up their shoes and neatly put them where they go no questions asked. I have been lucky enough that this is never a fight they just do it because they know they have too! 

I know that sound simple, but it’s not let’s be honest. In between all of that you have to jungle lunches, dirty diapers, snacks, spilled drinks, occasional fighting, cuddling, and 100 questions. 

There is nothing I love more is a clean house to relax in with my kids and husband. I hope this gives you some ideas to setup your own routine! Let me now how it works! 


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