Greyson Lee’s birth story

In honor of grey turning eight this Friday (October 9th) I decided to share his birth story. I’ve decided to do this for all my kids when their birthdays come around. Do not get mad or say anything rude. I am the poster child of perfect labors. So here it goes. 

Greyson’s pregnancy was great! No sickness, so much energy and he was always so calm in my belly, he’d roll from side to side so calmly like he was scared to hurt me, his little body would stretch so slowly and gently. Looking back on this, this is still Greyson, so sweet, and loving, and scared to hurt anyone. 

This was me at 7 months   

I was huge! but I felt like a million bucks, I walked every night with great friends laughing as I did jumping jacks in the street. Took care of his sister who at the time was still a baby (mackenna wasn’t even one year when he was born and no that wasn’t planned) 

Greyson’s due date was October 17th, but I knew I wasn’t going to make it till then, he was such a big boy I knew I wouldn’t carry full term, my doctor suggested for me to be induced since I did it with my first, and it was such a walk in the park, he wanted me to go early. We picked the date October 9th and started to make plans. At the time we lived in Montana and only had friends surrounding us. We were so blessed with the amount of people that helped with mackenna or the people who stayed late nights in the hospital with me just to keep me company. 

I remember his delivery like it was yesterday. I remember getting to the hospital and laying there getting hooked up to iv’s, I remember when I got there they hooked me up to a machine to monitor my contractions, the nurse looks at me and says “did you feel that!?! That was a pretty big contraction!” I said “nope not at all” the nurse said “well this should be an easy delivery!” After I was hooked up and medicine started going I reach 4cm in an hour. I told the nurse “I want the epidural now even tho I feel fine, this is going to happen very fast.” She said ok and they would line up the doctor. 

A couple hours passed and a began to feel cramping, nothing terrible but I could tell I was progressing, didn’t think a thing about it. I remember laying in my bed talking to a friend (mind you still with no epidural I don’t even think two hours passed from when they said I was a four!) I all the sudden felt this terrible urge to push, I said to Greyson’s dad “go get a nurse!” The nurse comes in a says “well it’s time to push!” I started to panic I had no pain meds what so ever! The nurse looked at me and I remember this clear as day bc I wanted to strangle her at the time, she said “Shanis you can do this without you’ll be fine!” 

So I knew it was time, I knew I was doing this all natural with no relief. I began to push, I pushed three times and heard a beautiful baby’s cry. I was done! I couldn’t believe it! Greyson was a big broad boy. Like a little baby linebacker, He weighed 9lbs 2ozs and was 22 inches long with a full head of blonde hair.  I remember holding him for the first time, he was so calm not a peep made, he just laid there looking at me. He was perfect in every way. 

Labor for me goes fast, and for some reason no believes me. I was only in that room for six hours three were waiting to be hooked up to everything and signing papers, and the other three I apparently was in labor. Looking back at it I’m so happy I did it natural, it was an amazing experience what your body can do, and the pain it endures for something you love so much. 

Greyson growing up was exactly how he was in my belly. He still is calm, caring, and so gentle with everything he does. I can’t believe it has been almost eight years , he’s no longer a baby but a little man.

Here he is now a handsome little man! 



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