Uplifting women

Today browsing through Instagram I came across a girl I have been following for sometime, her kids are adorable, she has a smile on her face all while going through a nasty split with her ex.

She’d post a picture of her beautiful child and these “women” bashed her for things that had nothing to do with her child. I get it, the drama is there when you have over 100,000 followers. But I couldn’t believe some of the things they were saying. My heart hurt for her. She left the father of her children, now shares them 50/50, ontop of leaving everything behind they built together to start over. Yet instead of telling her things will get better people just went on and on being so negative, even to the point where hate pages were made. 

I reached out to her and let her know things will get better, I might be the 100th message she has received but if my message over shadowed a mean one then my job was done. 

Us moms are far to hard on each other. We are tired, our hair is a mess, our bodies aren’t perfect. But at the end of the day we all love our children. 

Instagram has brought me so many amazing insta-mom friends who leave the nicest comments. They lift me up and bring a smile to my face, we all should be this way. 

Yes we have moments that we aren’t proud of, and things we wish we could take back, but we aren’t perfect and our children won’t be perfect either. learn to lift each other up now and teach our children this as well. 

I challenge every mother that reads this to leave nice and uplifting comments on as many mothers or friends pictures. Pick them up and make their day and let them know they are doing just fine! 


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