10 reasons we are not having kids! 

All the time chris and I get asked “do you guys want more kids?” So I figured I’d write a blog on my top 10 reasons on why we’re done for good! 
1. Four is enough, I always wanted to have a big family and I think four is that perfect number for us!
2. I’m almost done with diapers forever! Enough said! 
3. The dirty looks/comments- there is nothing more I hate then the looks in target (even tho all my kids behave and walk so nicely when in public and never have melt downs) or the comments I get “are those all yours!?” “Do you guys know what causes that?” “You must have your hands full” I tend to snap easy and murder people with words so #3 is for the publics safety.
4. We’re ready to travel. We have the perfect balance with or kids, which makes traveling enjoyable. add one more adds more expenses and less room in our vehicle. 😜
5. Well I use to say one more and we’ll have to get a van…. But I took the van leap and love it. So scratch out #5
6. All my kids have their own room! Which makes less fighting! And 6 bedroom houses are a lot harder to find! 
7. Leighton would loose her shit! Leighton has claimed she is the one and only baby in this house! The looks I get when I even touch a baby could leave a scar! 
8. Age. All our kids are close in age having one more will throw everything off. Leighton will almost be 5 and that’s our biggest age gap. 
9. School lunches are expensive! And that’s crap adds up! 
10. Just because WE DONT WANT TOO! We’re happy, we feel complete, and it’s what we want. And that’s all that matters! 
I love my kids, our balance and my family. As much as I hate the comments, I do love explaining to people what amazing kids I have and I’m already so blessed with what I have! They are simply amazing. 


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