End summer with a craft!

With summer coming to an end, kids and moms are becoming stir cray! So I added and fun and easy craft you and your kids can do together to enjoy the day! 

My kids named this project “painting in the lines”

Here’s what you need! 

-One canvas (one per child or adult) 

-Paints (any color or amount)

– paint brushes

– painters tape

– paint cloth 

– glitter

Before you begin here are a few helpful tips that made this stress free and made for an easy clean up! 

I have a designated painting sheet, it’s an old sheet that can be destroyed by paint without ruining your floors, and once done you can fold up and put back (I keep mine in a Walmart bag with our crafts) I also put all the paint colors on a paper plate easy to throw away once done. 

Step one:

Take your canvas and apply the painters tape making shapes and designs (as many as you would like)

Step two:

Paint each shape a different color. Leighton only wanted to use these colors but my others used a lot of others and it still turned out cute!

Step three:

While paint is still wet add glitter to a few of the shapes. 

Step four:

Let paint dry, once paint is dry remove tape. This will be your final project! 

We hung these is the kids rooms and they loved the final project, they can’t wait to make more! 

Tag me in your Instagram post and show me how much your kids enjoy making these! @shanis_walter 


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