Potty training is not for the weak!  Things you say when potty training…

10 things you say when potty training.

As I’m trying to convince my FOUR year old that potty training is a cool thing to do. My husband has had a few laughs at some of things that get said during this process. 

So why not share them with the world!

1. WHY IS THIS WET? Everytime I say this I pray it is from a spilled cup…..

2. LET ME SMELL YOUR BUTT. Why do I say this? Why do I even want to smell her butt? why not just look and see if she pooped. 95% of the time it’s a fart anyways.

3. YAY YOU PEED! I shamelessly act like a crazy person jumping up and down all bc she pushed a teeny bit of pee out. (Probably to laugh at me jumping up and down)

4. IF YOU POOP IT WILL MAKE ME SO HAPPY! < like really… do I need to say more. 

5. LET ME SEE. Why do we want to see a turd floating in the toilet? 

6. YOU PEED YOUR PANTS? The last time I said this was when I was 21 and and we all had that one friend that just couldn’t hang. 

7. YOURE JUST GONNA RUN AROUND NAKED FOR AWHILE. Although this would have made for a funny story when we were younger, it’s now the cutest thing watching a chubby little butt run around. < maybe that should be another one lol. 

8. THIS IS YOUR LAST CLEAN PAIR OF UNDERWEAR! I don’t even know what to say after this other than what has my life come to? 

9. IS THAT POOP? Insert me smelling whatever it is and either throwing up or showing a sign of relief. 

10. COME HERE! LET ME WIPE YOUR BUTT! Unless you work in a nursing home this is not a normal everyday phrase. But hey if I’m wiping a butt it means I’m not changing a diaper, so I’ll take it! 

I will get this. my first three were so easy. Just one day woke up and decided diapers weren’t for them. However my fourth is determined to be the baby forever. 

We are currently bribing our four year old with a TV in her room to watch movies on. She thinks that would be the coolest thing and although I’m against it and she doesn’t need it, but if it cuts out diapers I’ll do it! Plus I never said the tv had to be up a running, I only said I’d put a tv in her room….. Just kidding I wouldn’t do that to her. (Or would I?) 

Any mommas got advice send it my way,but I guarantee I’ve done it all! 


2 thoughts on “Potty training is not for the weak!  Things you say when potty training…

  1. lisamarie333 says:

    Omg. My 4 year old just barely starting pooping in the toilet. But then she had some less-than-solid problems and that’s what I spent my night dealing with. #somuchlaundry. So this was fun to read. I lol’ed. I think you forgot one thing though, “This is your last pack of Pull-Ups”. We said that 15 times. Lol.

    Also, my advice is, she’ll do it when she’s ready. Don’t worry bout it otherwise. 💗


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