Then you blink and your baby turns ten.

As birthdays come and go you always wonder what the next year will bring, you wonder what they’ll learn, what troubles they’ll face and hoping how you raised them will shine through. 

Mackenna my first born turns ten this October, my first child in double digits. This has been very hard for me to wrap my mind around.

I remember everything about her labor how easy and wonderful it was, I remember her as a baby so calm and loving. I remember bringing her home, setting down her car seat in the living room, and her father and I just looking at her like “what do we do now!?” All these things I never realized was god giving me a glimpse of what it would be like raising her. 

She’s sweet, loving, calm, and my best friend. But just like when we brought her home from the hospital, I still have the same conversation with myself “what do I do now” as mothers we want to raise our daughters but keep them little at the same time, we know this is impossible but I think it helps our hearts as we watch them grow into young women. 

In October Mackenna turns ten, times have changed since us mothers were 10 years old. We played on bikes not coming home till dark, we didn’t know cell phones or iPods, the competition to have the best was not a thing, bullying wasn’t as big of an issue because our parents spanked us, and the thought of doing teen things like shaving legs, praying for a cell phone, and hanging out with friends were never a thought in our head. But as much as we hate it these are real life things a 10 year old thinks about now. Just like before, I now sit here and wonder “what do I do now!?” 

As much as I hate it I will have to face these things with Mackenna, I have no doubt she’ll handle them with grace like she does everything.

 Chris and I decided for a birthday present we’d make the jump and get her a cell phone. like I said times have changed. She’s in sports, school clubs, and with friends. It’s nice to have a way to get a hold of her, and God forbid something happen to her knowing she has a cell phone gives me ease. I feel as if we handled the hurdle as a team and that’s what I love about Chris. 

But now as ten approaches there have been little questions from her that she has become curious about. The shaving the legs has become the runner up to a cell phone. This I’m still deciding on and only consider it bc kids make fun of her hairy legs and being in Florida she where’s dresses and shorts. (Kids are so cruel) but well tackle this issue if it becomes a real issue. 

I never imagined bringing home this perfect baby that one day she’d be ten, that I would be buying her a cell phone, listening to her talk about her day, and being completely amazed at how she’s grown. I have no doubt she’ll be the most wonderful ten year old and I can’t wait to watch her grow!

Mothers with new born babies, remember these days, because soon you’ll blink and your baby will be ten. 


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