Snap and shop tray review … easy as 123 and making shopping a breeze! 

As moms grocery shopping or shopping in general can be a nightmare, if you have a HANGRY toddler. I teamed up with Snap and shop tray to show you moms a simple way to make it enjoyable, and a toddler happy! 

Snap and shop tray is a tray with a convenient lid that stores snacks and easily fits onto any shopping cart handle (yes even those huge target ones too!) making it convenient for toddlers to munch on their favorite snacks without dropping the entire container. Anything to avoid that disaster is a win in my book! 

Instantly when you open the packaging, attached to the front of the lid is easy to follow instructions. (See photo above) so easy even dads can do it 😉

We took our snap and shop tray to the store with us today to try out, I even put it on the cart with one hand while I held a four year old on my hip. (Like I said very easy!) we instantly got so many questions from employees, and other moms. They all were amazed with how easy it was to use!

The tray stayed on the cart securely and didn’t budge. Once we were done shopping I popped the lid on and snapped the tray off also with one hand. 

Snap and shop tray is dish water safe and was easy to wipe up for the next use. Also I love that it comes in three colors pink,blue, and aqua (which is what I have) and the best part mamas, it’s only 14.99! Such a great price for a great quality product!

If you had to ask me I would give this product 5 stars! This is a must buy product with great customer service! 

Tag me @shanis_walter on Instagram in your picture using your Snap and shop tray can’t wait to hear how much you love your trays! 


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