Hurricane Matthew – finding myself 

Hurricane Matthew has come and gone, my family left days ago to Nashville and left everything we have worked for behind. 

This hurricane has been so stressful. I’ve stressed about my house, my family, my pictures, my business etc.

I have learned so many things about my family on this trip, I’ve learned a lot about myself, and I’ve learned a lot about people. 

Seeing people come together helping each other warms my heart, the out pour of love, prayers, and genuine concern; but with the good comes the bad. I own a small invitation company out of my home, the home I’m currently wondering if it will be in one piece. I’ve never realized how terrible and ungrateful people can be. SO many of my customers were informed that I was currently working on orders but I too was preparing my home for the worst, so I would still get their invites done but I also had to get my family prepared. Thinking people would be understanding, I quickly got a reality check as I received the rudest messages of not going fast enough, along with other petty comments. I just couldn’t believe it. People complained, people whined, and people asked for the product and their money back. It was so hard to not say “what do you have to complain about!?” Thousands of people including myself up and left their home not knowing what would be left, and people were worried if their invites would ship in three days instead of four or five… How embarrassing is it to live in a time where there is no longer compassion, no longer understanding, no longer love for people.

I think of myself if this role was reverse, would I act this way? And I realize ABSOLUTELY not! I know I would have compassion, I know I would be grateful, I know I would be understanding. Never could I say some of the things customers said to me, in this difficult time, And for this I’ve decided to temporarily shut my business down and o let do invites for people I know. If you have worked with me you know I love what I do, you know I’m great with customers, and my product is great! But these people had me second guessing myself. I will now put my energy into things that matter, the people in the car with me, the people sending caring messages, the people praying for my home and family. That is what I need to focus on. I need to find that drive in me, and working with the customers I have, has absolutely drained that out me. (Not all of them, I have worked with some caring and loving women!) 

People don’t want to work weekends, but they expect me to work the weekends for them. I’m done doing that, my husband travels, my children have school; the weekends are my time to be with my family. Instead I run around doing samples, and making ungrateful people happy. 

This hurricane has put me back into a place of remembering what’s important. Remembering that what is in my car during this hard time would be the people I can always count on. No more wasting my time on people that drain the spark out of me.

It’s time for a change people, be understanding, be compassionate, be loving, and stop wasting energy on what doesn’t matter. 

Find what makes you happy and do it with love! 

My business will be back, but it will be back when I’m good and ready, and it will be on my terms. If you don’t like it then don’t order. I need to get back to why I started, and I will; over time. 

It took this tragedy, to make me realize, I need to get back to my roots, back to my family, so like I said above with the good there comes bad. But for now on I’m going to say with the bad there will always be good! Thank you hurricane Matthew for opening my eyes, but you can leave now. 

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