Our not so extravagant love story.

Five years ago on October 13th, my husband took me on a date where he asked me to marry him, with a smile this single mother to three said yes. 

With so many new followers I thought I would share mine and my husbands love story. Although it’s not some grand over the top love story, it’s real. It’s a love story many people will relate with, and I’m sure many people wonder abooutWe are going to rewind to 2010. I was a newly divorced young mother to three very small children. At the time they were 3,2, and 1 years of age.

I had recently gotten out of a relationship and was trying to find my way in this new world as a single mother. One day while sitting in my parents home I received a text message from a number I didn’t have. The message said something along the lines of “hey my name is Chris, I got your number off facebook and thought I would say hi.” I remember creeping on him and thinking “he’s not bad looking” the conversation through texts continued non stop for days, asking questions and getting to know each other. 

Christopher asked me on MANY dates, I kept declining over and over actually for about a month straight. I made up excuse after excuse, I looked at him and I looked at myself and just knew there was no way it would work. I am a mother, working three jobs, newly divorced, three children. And then there was him 20 years old, going to college in Chicago, and a well known ladies man. It just wasn’t for me, But he never gave up.

On Christopher’s 21st birthday, he begged me to come out with him to celebrate.  myself being older and a tad over the bar scene, I made up an excuse and said I couldn’t make it. All night I received texts and phone calls from him wishing I was out with him, I ignored them and pretended I was sleeping (haha). Then at 3am I received the most UN romantic voicemail of Christopher telling me how much he liked me, and asking why I wouldn’t date him as he PUKED into the phone…. after that I didn’t talk to him for three weeks. In my head I said this was not what I wanted to deal with. 

Finally after many calls and texts chris got through and asked me on a date, and I finally said yes. He took me to dinner and a movie, and had him take me home with only a kiss on the cheek as a good bye. After that date I knew there was something special about him, I saw a side of him no one else has.

After a few dates, I was sitting in my living room when in walked Christopher with a HUGE bouquet of star gaze lillies and he asked if I would be his girl friend. I loved that he asked me, I loved that he didn’t just assume like most guys do. 

Now that we were official, the thought of my kids popped in my head. How do I introduce them, how do I see if this will actually work? I decided it was best to “test” it with my oldest Mackenna (3 at the time) we took her bowling with other friends and their children, made it feel like it was friends hanging out, this way she wouldn’t be confused. Watching her and chris together melted me heart. I knew I was in love at that moment. 

We eventually introduced him to the kids and he was around a lot more. 

To say our relationship was all rainbows would be a lie. We had many ups, but just as many downs. We had everyone rooting against us, very few people at the time were in our corner. He was in college and I was a mom. All week he was gone and only home of the weekends, but we fought through.

We found out we were pregnant with Leighton; before we were engaged, but it was just as big of a blessing. 

I remember on October 13th, Christopher had planned a date night. I got dressed up and we went to a Japanese restaurant, after eating; the waitress asked if we would like dessert, chris quickly replied with a yes and picked a chocolate cake. 

When the dessert came the waitress said “this is a very special dessert” when I looked down written in chocolate on the plate it said “will you marry me?” I looked over completely surprised, and Christopher was down on one knee in front of the entire restaurant and asked me to marry him. I said yes and from there it was history.

He has stepped up to be the father to three young children who by blood aren’t his but he loves as if they were. He’s a great father to Leighton, a great provider, and a great husband. 

We have been married for 2 1/2 years, and we have a long way to go. But I look forward to it all with him!

Photos by: green light photography tips 

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