Let us as mothers make America great again. 

I woke up this morning and checked my news feed as if it were the morning paper, I still got my kids dressed, made my coffee, and drove them to school.
I listened to the radio as people spoke with such hate in their voice, as my children listened I quickly turned it off. 

I will not let this election define who we are as an American family. Whichever president was elected, would not effect how my children treated other people. Which ever president was elected would not teach my children to lie. Which ever president was elected would not define my family or me as an American. 

 As parents we raise our kids to show them what is right and what is wrong, not the president, not a celebrity, not any public figure. Us parents do, we raise the future.

This election will have an effect on us as a whole I do understand that, but my children will still know values, respect, and what it means to be a good and loving person no matter the color of your skin or where you were born. 

We as mothers raise the future, our children listen to us, our children look up to us as role models; not who the First Lady is or what the president has said. They learn from US! 

So many people are “embarrassed” to be American and I find that sad. I find it sad because I have watched friends receive flags in honor of the husband that lost his life for you to be “embarrassed.”  I have cleaned out memories of families who will never see their loved one, so everyone can be “embarrassed.” I have sat at funerals watching them cry so you can say you wished to live in another country, because you’re embarrassed to be in the country he just died for. 

Why!? Because your embarrassed who our president is? Instead of being embarrassed let’s be unified. A unified country is a strong country and a country to be proud of! This is something our country has lacked lately, yet everyone complains about. 

Our president may not have the same respect and views that we do but what does hate solve? Nothing.  What does complaining solve? Absolutely nothing. 

Let’s show our children unity and teach them right from wrong. They ARE the future.

My children will wake up tomorrow and still get dressed, go to school, and still ride in my car. I will look at them and know I’m shaping them to be the next leaders of America. There is nothing we can do now but move forward and shape the future to be great. We have the power to make the future a better place with the little hearts that live in our homes. Let us, as mothers, make America great again not a politician, not a celebrity, not a public figure. We have the power to make America they way it should be and let’s focus on that.

I challenge you to ask your children “what they would do if they were the president?” and let them know that because they are AMERICAN they get the chance to reach those goals! 

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