Travel instyle with the Alma Rose Maxine

(This is a sponsored post but all opinions are my own) 

Since we have moved to Florida our family has done a lot of traveling. With four kids it’s sometimes hard to stay organized. 

I struggled to find a bag to keep everything I needed while making it easy to find, and travel with. I then found the Alma Rose Maxine Travel bag (shop it HERE)

This bag has all the perfect pockets to fit what you need! 

The two inserts 

Key chain clip so I don’t loose my keys!

The inside pockets are the perfect shape and sizes to carry, bottles, drinks, tablets, makeup, etc. you name it you can fit it, and have the perfect spot for it so it doesn’t get lost!

I love this bag and give it 5 stars. 

We leave for Cancun in march and I can’t wait to take this bag with me! It will be perfect to fit everything I can’t fit in my checked bag, along with reading material.

I love the color, I love how huge it is, and I love that it’s not just for new moms, but any mom with kids!

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