A blog to moms… it gets easier

Day in and day out, I have so many moms that follow my Instagram and ask “how do you do it” I use to share my tips and tricks with them, but Lately I have realized something…. my kids are 10,9,71/2, and 4 1/2. I find these ages have added a lot of free time to my life. I no longer have a baby needing to be held and fed, I no longer have a one year old spreading food everywhere, I no longer have that two year old that threw out all my pots and pans, or that three year old that changed her clothes, and messed in her diaper. This is now a thing of my past,  and all of this is just a memory.

I often look back and think how much I miss that baby stage, But at the same time I no longer wipe butts, and I no longer have pots and pans everywhere. They now dress themselves, they can grab a cup and get water, and If they want a snack they head to the pantry and get a snack. 

So many moms look at me and wonder “how does she do it” but just like you, I had those tiny kids, I had those messes, and I had those defeated moments too.

At one point white carpet would have terrified me and honestly still does a little. But instead of just sharing everything I do I also add “it gets easier” because it really does. 

There will come a point in your life where you no longer give baths, you no longer have to brush teeth, and your main focus will be shaping them into a wonderful human and if they changed their underwear. Although our duty is never done we will still do a lot for our children our load will lighten a bit and will give you a moment to look back and realized they survived and so did you. So next time you wonder how I do it, look at yourself and realize it you are doing it wonderfully! 

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