Fun & Easy Easter Treats

Holidays are always a blast when you have little hands that want to help! I have found the perfect treat for you to keep those kiddos busy this Easter!

My kids named this the Marshmellow bunny…. original right!? (Lol)

The ingredients are simple and to make them is even easier! Below are my step by step instructions.

What you need:

1 bag of marshmallows I used jumbo but I think normal size would have been better

Pastel m&ms

Larger jelly beans

Chocolate chips

Graham crackers



Prep all ingredients first by breaking graham crackers in half, cut marshmallows in half, cut jelly beans in half (long ways for the ears) and dump out some m&ms and chocolate chips, and break pretzels in half.

Once done lay cut marshmellow on graham Cracker (pictured above), and place in microwave till marshmellow starts to expand. Mine was around 7 seconds.

Take out, and put on eyes (chocolate chips), nose (m&ms), whiskers (broken pretzels), and the ears (jelly beans)

This is so easy for kids to put on and make their own!

Once assembled these easy treats are ready to enjoy!


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