RESET! Time away is always a good thing!

Well we are back! The past couple weeks have been a wonderful whirlwind.

On March 4th I turned 30, my husband went above and beyond to make my milestone absolutely amazing. 

My husband surprised me with tickets to universal studios for the two of us the day before we left for Mexico. 

We spent the day riding rides, eating yummy food, and acting like children in the world of Harry Potter. It was the perfect gift. 

The next day, the two of us left on a trip to Mexico for six days. We stayed at the lovely Moon Palace resort in Rivera Maya, We were there with Chris’s work (what a job right!?) everything was perfect.

It was stunning, elegant, and everything you could have wished for in a resort. 

We ate, danced, drank, and celebrated all the accomplishments of the company. 

I relaxed in the spa getting pampered, laid by the pool, enjoyed great friends, and reconnected with my husband.

We have been to other countries before and we always swim with dolphins, so when I saw we had that option near by we jumped on it. 

We met the beautiful Scarlet at discovery dolphin, where we danced with her, received kisses, got pushed on the boogie board, and laughed the day away.

Traveling is something we love to do. We’re lucky enough to be able to do this And have many plans to do it again soon. 

Now we’re back on US soil and loving all the cuddles from our kids. We came back with so many souvenirs and so many great memories and new friendships. 

Here are a few more photos from our amazing trip. But now it’s back to reality. 

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