Things I’ve learned about raising girls…

Sitting here I realized I have been a mother for over 10 years. In those 10 years I have raised three girls and one boy. 

Raising girls is so different from a boy. Boys you never have to worry about your hair brush going missing, or your makeup getting destroyed.

I thought I’d add a little humor into a blog post on things I’ve learned raising girls.

1. Once they get older and bigger and closer to your shoe size, you will quickly learn shoes of yours WILL go missing.

2. Stock up on hair ties, once they become the age where they want to do their hair, all your hair ties will go missing and 1/2 will be in her room.

3. If you have a favorite hair brush you better buy two…. if you don’t buy two accept the fact your hair brush will never be in your bathroom.

4. Your clothes will become her clothes. I had a fleece jacket I loved, and now here I am freezing because she wore it to school this morning. (Thanks Kenna)

5. No makeup stands a chance. If it’s play or sneaking it on, eventually that becomes theirs too.

6. The amount of perfume they think they need on could knock you out. I’m still trying to teach her that a little goes along way, until then I feel bad for whoever sits next to her in class. 

7. The attitude you had as a tween is about To bite you in the ass.

8. She will more than likely get nail polish on your table, carpets, floors, and their clothes. Still trying to figure out the best way to clean then up…. sorry

9. To bad I didn’t go to school for cosmetology because the amount of time I spend in the bathroom doing their is equivalent of a full time job. And it has to be PERFECT! 

10. She will become your best friend. This is the most true statement. Right now most of you are rocking your sweet baby, but soon she’ll be 10, laying in bed with you giggling, and sharing ice cream with you. This is something I hope never goes away, they do grow up but don’t be sad because the future is great!

The truth is, raising girls has its hardships but having a a best friend out ways anything they throw your way. 

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