It’s been awhile friends! 

I have recently slacked in my blog post, life has been crazy busy with visitors of family and friends. I’m sure you all understand! 

This blog post will be an update on our life and all the blessings we have been dealt. 

The kids have adjusted to Florida amazingly, they love their school, Greyson has begun baseball and we have made many friends from it! The kids enjoy the warm weather and the large amounts of beach time. The house has been unpacked and has come together nicely. I only have one room left to decorate which is mine and Chris’s office. I plan on redoing it for him for Father’s Day. It’s the perfect house for us.

Leighton has turned three and I can’t believe it! Where has my baby gone!? As for babies Chris and I go back and forth on another. I think I’m pretty content with the amazing kids I have. But who knows well see what life throws our way! Now back to Leighton turning three. We held a small cook out with friends and family that were here with cake and a piñata. We of course made it a shark theme and she was in heaven! 

As for Chris and I, Chris has found a great unit for the army (he’s an officer in the national guard) and he enjoys his job. I as all of you know have started a small greeting card business, well this has now also turned into invites as well and now dipping my toes into weddings! My business has grown greatly and has become almost a full time job! I get the best of both worlds home with my kids and still supporting my shopping addiction! Check it out on etsy SWCARDS 

Chris and I are about to celebrate our one year anniversary on May 24th. We will be in North Carolina celebrating my best friend of 14 years wedding, aas I am a bridesmaid. I couldn’t think of a better way to celebrate with our kids, life long friends, and people who over the years have turned into family. I have no clue what Chris has planned for our celebration we have limited days we can celebrate due to more visitors coming, our initial plan was to learn to surf together but recently our beach has had shark attacks and spottings so we decided that’s not the best idea. but whatever it is I know it’s going to be great! I already have ordered Chris’s present and I’m excited to give it to him! 

Lots of great things have happened in our lives. More than I could have imagined. I promise to have some more yummy recipes up along with crafts I’ve done with the kids! Stay tuned! 


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